The Fence Is Not Only A Separation, But Also A Landscape Element, Which Is Gradually Diversified~

With the progress and accumulation of aesthetics, many hardware elements in landscape design tend to be flexible. For example, the wall/fence (fence) used to be the boundary of space has gradually diversified. Today, let’s talk about the landscape element of fence.

Characteristics of fence
1) Combination of falsehood and reality
2) High collocation
3) Low cost maintenance
4) High functionality
5) Protect privacy

Classification of fences
As a translucent landscape element, it can not only enclose the space and protect privacy, but also ensure the continuity of internal and external vision.
Regardless of material or style, the fence has a high selectivity. The most common styles are wood/iron/glass, and sometimes combined fences can be seen.

Wooden fence
As a primitive natural resource, wood can give people a feeling of returning to childhood. The simple wood fence can not only make people feel close to nature, but also integrate with the flowers and trees in the garden to create a simple atmosphere.
Environmental protection: wood is a natural material, which is used to make wooden fence, causing little damage to the environment;
Strong ornamental: the wooden fence has strong plasticity, can be made into various shapes, and its appearance is very elegant and simple;
Price advantage: compared with other materials, wooden fence is cheaper.

Iron fence
The plasticity of iron fence is also strong, which can create many delicate shapes. Compared with wooden fence, it will be harder and more durable.
Exquisite shape: can be processed into various shapes according to the needs, and the appearance effect is very elegant;

The fence is an important element that contributes to the overall style of the garden. It can not only weaken the layout of the space, give people a sense of vastness in front of them, but also play a role in modifying the layout.

Post time: Jun-27-2022