Home Gardening & Consumer Electronics Market trends analysis

– Kevin Wu, Google’s international growth expert
After two years of strong e-commerce growth, retail growth returned to normal in 2022, with two of the strongest markets for home gardening being North America and Europe.
According to a survey, 51 percent of American consumers who bought household goods in 2021 have a strong intention to continue to buy new household goods this year. These consumers buy household goods for four reasons: major consumer life changes, marriage, moving into a new home, and the birth of a new baby.
Beyond mature markets, opportunities and growth in emerging markets are also worth watching.
Especially due to high advertising competitiveness in most mature markets, home gardening will see more prominent e-commerce growth in India and Southeast Asia. The Philippines, Vietnam, New Zealand, and India markets showed strong growth in Q1 2022, with a 20% increase in home gardening searches. In emerging markets, most of the search growth in the home gardening category came from five key categories: heaters, air conditioners, washing machines, home furnishings, and security equipment.
Back in mature markets, the products with the fastest growth in search volume in 2022 were: patterned sofas, up 157%; Retro floral sofa, growth rate reached 126%, with a highly artistic style of octopus chair, growth rate reached 194%; Corner L-shaped bed/bunk bed, the growth rate reached 204%; Another product with fast growth was sectional sofas, where the search term “comfortable, oversized” grew 384%.
More and more modern pieces from the outdoor furniture category are chairs like eggs, which hang from a frame and will work both inside and out. They will also stand out from crowds like Parrots, growing by 225 percent.
Affected by the epidemic, pet household products have also been in great demand in the past two years. In 2022, the products with faster search growth were sofas and rocking chairs specially used for dogs, with the search growth rates of these two products reaching 336% and 336% respectively. The last product with the highest growth rate was Moon Pod chairs with a growth rate of 2,137 percent.
In addition, previous data showed a threefold increase in searches for pregnancy tests and pregnancy services in the second half of 2021, so this year you can pay more attention to the large increase in demand for some newborn categories, including products related to nurseries, children’s playrooms and children’s home furnishing.
It’s worth noting that some college students may be able to return to campus this year, and college dorm supplies and equipment are likely to see a significant increase this fall.
North America and Europe, as mature markets, are also noteworthy for new trends and consumer behavior in the home gardening category — environmental protection and sustainability, AR customer experience features.
Through the observation of the UK, US and France markets, it is found that consumers who buy home gardening products will be most responsible for increasing their purchases of sustainable products when the brand is in the lead. Businesses in these markets could consider using environmentally friendly materials, or support sustainability programs that integrate sustainability into their brands, as this becomes increasingly important to consumers in their target markets.
The AR experience is another consumer trend. With 40% of shoppers saying they would pay more for a product if they could experience it through AR first, and 71% saying they would shop more often if they could use AR features, enhancing the AR experience is crucial for customer engagement and conversion.
Mobile data also shows that AR will increase customer engagement by 49%. From the transformation level, AR can increase conversion rate by 90% in some cases and product experience.
In the development of the home gardening market, businesses can refer to the following three suggestions: keep an open mind and look for new market opportunities outside of their existing business; Mature markets need to focus on product selection and COVID-19 trends, emphasizing the value proposition in terms of design and functionality; Enhance brand awareness and loyalty through new forms of customer experience and brand value.

Post time: Oct-28-2022