Do You Need A Fence For Your Garden? Choose The Right Fence To Decorate Your Garden~

Garden fence
Balcony, courtyard and garden are the places where Spaniards spend most time in summer. After work or holidays, you can stay in the garden to cool off, enjoy the sunset, read and chat.
At this time, the garden fence is particularly important. It can not only divide the space, but also provide privacy for your garden, hiding the inside out of the sight of the curious. Our garden fence in Yongshun has been renovated. Come and choose the right fence to decorate your garden~
However, not all fences hide the same thing, depending on the design and materials. In addition, consider the type of floor where the fence is installed, because it is different to place the fence on the wooden floor and the fence on the concrete floor.

Dense grid
If you don’t want people outside to see the furnishings of the courtyard through the fence, you can choose the dense grid, which has a certain thickness, and some can resist the sun’s ultraviolet rays. With it, you can lie comfortably on the hammock and enjoy the sunshine.

Multi-purpose square grid
If you prefer resistant and extensible materials to separate certain areas of the garden, or prevent pets from running into the street, there is nothing better than this grid in the following image. Its size is 5 * 5mm and 10 * 10mm. It is an ideal accessory of the fence, and its edge is not sharp.

Bamboo fence
If you want to completely change the style of the terrace or courtyard, bamboo fence is an ideal solution. Nowadays, bamboo is more and more used for household products. Multiple bamboos can be combined into a fence to form a natural barrier, which has great concealment. You only need to connect them with iron wire or plastic wire to achieve a good shielding effect.

Post time: Oct-27-2022